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Short-Term and Long-Term Storage

Art, Machinery, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Electronics, Antiques, Freight & More

At Newport Pack & Crate, we provide our valued customers with safe, convenient and affordable short and long term storage service. You can clear up your floor space by storing unused equipment, furniture, electronics, artwork and more at Newport Pack & Crate's secure, guarded facility. We also offer affordable short term storage services, including storage for items pending shipment or pickup. For example, if there is a delay between the time you wish to have your item packaged and the date the consignee is ready to receive it, we'll safely store it for you until the shipping date.

Whether you choose short or long term storage, we can pick up your items from your location, safely pack and crate them, and transport them to our storage facility. We'll promptly return your items to you whenever needed. For more details on storage solutions from Newport Pack & Crate, contact us today.


quote This review is for my 2nd use of Newport Pack and Crate. In both cases they picked up art, crated and shipped to my new location in Nebraska.

I am amazed at how well they can crate items.In this case I had 17 items. 1 went in one crate due to it's odd size and the remaining pieces were all placed into one large crate. All were snug in an extremely well constructed wooden crate and they all arrived with no issues.

Both Chris and Doug were of great help. I highly recommend the company. All items I had insured as very valuable. No issues with . . .

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